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GS1 – Non-Narrative Audio: This category is for announcing and audio work including instructional, news, sports, podcasts, audio documentaries, PSAs, and educational content.

GS2 – Narrative Audio: This category is for audio work in fiction including audio drama performances, music recordings, commercials, or sound designs for narrative media work.

GS3 – Non-Narrative: This category is for pre-produced visual media work including instructional/educational, news packages, PSAs and documentaries.

GS4 – Narrative: This category is intended for pre-produced fictional narrative video work. This includes short narrative films, commercials, experimental visual media work, and music videos.

GS5 – Broadcasting: This category is intended for live video productions including newscasts, sporting events, livestreams, video podcasts, or other visual media projects produced and recorded live.

GS6 - Interactive Multimedia Competition: The Interactive Multimedia Competition recognizes excellence in content creation that demonstrates creativity and innovation in interactive media and emerging technology.  “Interactive” refers to content that involves active participation by the intended audience, allowing the user to have some control over the engagement experience. Examples may include but are not limited to websites, kiosks, mobile apps, fixed media, or other projects.  “Emerging Technologies” may include but are not limited to virtual, augmented or mixed reality; 360 videos; games; transmedia; geo apps; or other projects that employ emerging technologies and delivery systems in significant ways.

GS7 - Scriptwriting: Scripts are accepted from Graduate Students in the following fields:

Short Narrative Film — Short Narrative Film (1-59 Pages); 

Feature Narrative Film — Narrative Feature (60-160 Pages); 

Original Television Series Pilot — Original Television Series Pilot (1-90 Pages); 

Television Spec — Television Spec (1-90 Pages); 

Mini-Episodic/Webisode — Mini-Episodic/Webisode (1-15 pages). 

Narrative Podcast/Radio Drama/Play — Structured Narrative Podcast or Radio Drama/Play (1-30 pages).